Sourdough starters – Day 3

Today is when things start to get interesting; bubbles appear and the starter does exciting things like double in volume through the day.


100g plain flour (I use organic flour)

100g water (tepid)


Weigh ingredients and place in the glass container with the starter from yesterday. Mix with a fork until all lumps are gone.


Look: Before feeding, the starter doubled in size today and small bubbles were visible through the sides of the container. A few larger bubbles formed and started to rise to the surface as the day progressed.

After feeding, it had a smooth appearance

Feel: The consistency of the starter changed throughout the day. Remembering that yesterday after feeding the starter was quite thick, by the time I fed today, it had become runny to the extent that it was more like a thick liquid than a paste-.

After feeding, the consistency of the starter was that of a runny paste.

Smell: Before feeding the starter smelt quite vinegary. This is usual in a maturing starter and will change over time.

Taste: As to be expected from the smell, the starter had a faint vinegary taste.