For those interested in my stories, I’ve given a brief description or summary of each of my manuscripts below.

Urban Fantasy

Soul Sister

A reluctant witch vows revenge against the ghoul who killed her best friend, but first she has to learn her craft in order to take on the city’s lawmakers.

Quinn Sinclair is on the rebound from a failed relationship. Her best friend, Suri, sets her up with a man who turns out to be a recruiter for an underground Agency whose goal is to overthrow the ghouls who have taken control of the city.

After Suri is accused, tried and convicted of stealing endangered fairies from the local zoo – with the penalty for even minor misdemeanours being almost certain death through the Combat Games – Quinn agrees to join the Agency and is quickly thrust into a world where no-one turns out to be what they seem. Especially Quinn.

Middle Grade

The Ghosts of Headstone Hills

In a town where ghosts live alongside people, what happens when something starts killing the ghosts?

Soon after Sofia, a young ghost searching her family,  wanders into the town of Headstone Hills ghosts start dying. Being a stranger, Sofia is immediately the target of the towns-folks’ suspicion and anger. To make matters worse, Sofia seems to have an unerring knack of finding the bodies.

With the help of her new friend, a living boy called Oliver, Sofia searches for a way to stop the deaths. But she has a secret. One that could ruin her friendship with Oliver and damn the whole town—living and ghost alike—to destruction. Or lead to the town’s salvation.

The Ghosts of Headstone Hills is a supernatural mystery for middle-grade (10-12 yo) readers.

Guardians of the Eternal Dragon: Quest for the Dragon

It was long ago foretold that at the end of the world a young warrior with ancient blood and the last Priest of the Dragon would together be either the saviours or destroyers of Siddenroth. But as time marches on past foretellings fade first to myth and then to little more than hints hidden in faded ciphers within mouldering, forgotten tomes.

The end of the Cycle is upon Siddenroth. Magic is unreliable and magical creatures have retreated to hidden pockets where the magic remains. The Eternal Dragon lies near death, Her priesthood long gone and with them the Cradlesong. Without the magical chant to return her to life, the Eternal Dragon faces a true death. And with her, the world.

On the advice of his seers, the King charges Sir Justin and his servant, Toby, with finding the Cradlesong. But the Quest is opposed by the Searchers for Truth, monks who believe there is a better path for Siddenroth than one filled with magic. And they will do anything to see their vision of the future come true.

Quest for the Dragon is an epic fantasy for middle grade readers.

Early readers

Sanwari Corps: The Trials

When Kyen wakes in the middle of a forest he remembers nothing but his name. He doesn’t even remember how he got there. Guided by messages written to him on pieces of parchment he finds along a path through the trees, Kyen has to overcome different monsters to regain his memories and more.

Kyen brushed at his face as something tickled it. It felt like leaves. He waved his arms and under him the bed swayed gently. Leaves rustled, like a silent laugh, and moved away, letting dappled sunlight shine into his eyes.

“Let me sleep,” he said, keeping his eyes screwed firmly shut.

A bird burst into song next to his ear and Kyen’s eyes flew open.

“You!” Kyen launched himself stiffly at the small brown bird and found himself falling as his feet, followed by his body, broke through a platform of woven branches. His feet caught in the remains of the platform and he hung, head down above an abyss criss-crossed with branches of all sizes.

Tales of Little Monsters: The Bird’s Nest Hairdo

“Brush your hair, Jake,” said his mum as she cut the toast into triangles. “It looks like it has a bird’s nest in it.”

She put the toast in front of Jake. But before he could grab it, a dove flew down and landed on the toast. His mother yelled at the dove and waved her hands around. The dove flew up, disappearing as it flew over Jake’s head.

Jake’s mother stared at his head. He reached up, he felt his hair. It was matted, knotted and full of twigs and mud. He was positive he could hear at least one bird chirping from up there.

Jake just grunted and ate the remaining pieces of toast.