About me

IMG_20181009_111739 (2)A quick snapshot

Alexa Shaw is an Australian writer who dabbles across children’s, young adult and adult fiction, primarily in the genres of fantasy, urban fantasy and science fiction. Her work is inspired by the amazing things we see around us every day, from the tiny to the enormous. She is currently fine tuning some novels, including a middle grade supernatural mystery and a dark urban fantasy. When not writing or otherwise engaged with work, Alexa tends a very large veggie patch and has a habit of growing things her family has difficulty recognising. Mangel wurzel anyone? Kiwano?

More about me

Alexa Shaw’s creative bent has spanned painting, cooking and writing. While story ideas have bombarded Alexa since she was a teenager, it wasn’t until she had children of her own that she began to do something with them. Because unlike painting, it is easier to put a manuscript to one side while tending young children.

In an effort to improve her writing craft, Alexa joined the ACT Writers Centre and the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild. She also completed a Grad Certificate in Professional Writing (Editing) through the University of Canberra.

Alexa writes on the darker side of the fantasy and science fiction spectrum and is currently finessing a supernatural mystery for middle grade kids as well as an urban fantasy set in Melbourne, Australia. Other projects on the go are an epic fantasy for middle grade readers and another dark urban fantasy.

Wanting to give back to the writing community, Alexa volunteered to be an Aurealis Awards judge in 2018. She has been astounded by the quality of writing and stories by Australian authors.

Inspiration for Alexa’s stories comes from the world around us. Having a PhD in Science opened up whole new worlds of wonder where anything is possible.

Alexa is also a keen gardener and likes to grow unusual fruits and vegetables. Heritage vegetables are also a constant in her garden.

You can follow Alexa on Facebook  or Instagram to see how her garden grows and other non-writerly activities.