Sourdough starters – Day 2

Don’t be worried if your starter hasn’t done amazing things yet. It is only day two and the yeasts are still building to the numbers needed to create a distinctive sourdough.


100g plain flour (I use organic flour)

100g water (tepid)


Weigh ingredients and place in the glass container with the starter from yesterday. Mix with a fork until all lumps are gone.

Day 2 feeding
Mixing the feed (flour and water) into the starter.


Remember that I’m putting in the observations on how my starter is changing. This will vary depending on the feedstock and conditions under which the starter is grown. So if yours is different to what I have described below, don’t panic and keep going.

Look: Before feeding the starter, it hadn’t changed appearance over night. This is typical. For the starter to be whizzing along on day two would indicate you have really active wild yeasts in your area.

With the addition of today’s ingredients, my starter was a bit drier and more thick paste-like. Equally, depending on your ingredients, it could still be a quite wet mix after this first feed. No bubbles were present at this stage.

Feel: Today, my mix felt like a sticky paste. As you can see from the photo, it was less willing to run off the fork when lifted.

Day two after feeding
Appearance of the starter after its first feed

Smell: Before feeding the starter, it had a faint yeasty smell. This faded after the new ingredients were incorporated.

Taste: Before feeding, the starter had a mild yeasty taste.

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