Word of the week – Prestidigitation

Have I mentioned I love words? I was one of those nerdy kids who read the dictionary. Yes, I literally read the dictionary when I was growing up. Not your everyday kids’ dictionary with 16pt font and about 250 words. In the one I had the font was lucky to have been 8pt. And the volume was so thick it was sold to lucky readers in instalments that were compiled over months, if not years, until it reached its magnificent completion as a tome that must have weighed 5kg if not more. It was a great dictionary. Granted, you can look up anything on the internet now, but there is nothing as satisfying as poring through a real, tangible book and feeling its weight holding you firmly in the chair as your head flies into the clouds…

Anyway, on to today’s word:

Prestidigitation. A noun that means juggler or conjurer.

Not as catchy as juggler or conjurer, but could this not-so-simple word be the source of the oft-used “hey presto”?

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